I am both creative and organized. My creativity is in many areas. Look at the before/after pictures of my house, for an example of my creativity. Besides being creative, I am very organized and get enjoyment out of completing tasks - multitasking is my specialty. Basically, if I'm creating, I'm happy....
I enjoy traveling.  Photo excursions have taken me to such places as China, Alaska,  
Hawaii, Baja, Europe and most recently to Western Caribbean.

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updated 9-27-17

Russell Gordon Latimer

Long Beach   (562) 256-6663   ruslatimer@aol.com


  • I have the rare quality of being very creative and logically minded.
  • Worked with Symantec User Centered Design Team (UCD) to design a new Norton integrated consumer software console.  This included designs, prototypes, mockups, graphic deliverables, standards doc. Helping create a consistent user experience.
  • Created the first Symantec Enterprise UI standards document (210 pages).
  • I am a Photoshop power user with emphasis on prototyping skills.
  • I am an expert in creating processes / procedures from scratch.

1/12 – pres.    Company Owner
                        Eye Of Mine Action Cameras

  • I created user-focused GoPro training videos on YouTube.  Amassed 5.6 million views (13k subscribers).
  • I was the first in the world to design a Gopro flat lens housing based on user need.  Sold 10k units worldwide.  Also created first ever shark fin mount.
  • Some of our customers:  NASA, Dept of Defense, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Dept of Navy, Disney Studios, etc.

11/07 – 1/12    Company Owner
                        Eye Of Mine Multimedia

  • I created multimedia videos for a variety of clients including Santa Fe Springs, PR1 Motorsports, Shanti Music. 

6/07-10/07       Contractor

  • I created user interface designs, Flash mockups, multimedia projects.
  • I taught a class on DemoSheild software, resulting in a more efficient process.

5/00–6/07        Art Director/Manager of Graphics Dept:
Symantec Corporation (Norton products.  4th largest software company)

  • Establish overall schedules, lead 5 person graphic team (2 remote designers). Set the overall product visual look enabling a consistent user experience.
  • Work with UCD team to establish company-wide UI/UX standards, maintain consistency within the created standards. This streamlined the process for all departments.
  • Final approval of all graphic design deliverables, ensure that graphics are easily localizable & maintain contact with international offices.
  • Maintain synergy with outside teams including the marketing team.
  • Anticipate complex problems & define creative alternatives, look for ways to improve processes.

5/99-5/00    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Responsible for the local 3 person Graphics Department, made sure graphics created by department were compatible for localization.
  • Various prototyping endeavors to test future product directions.

7/98-4/99    Graphic Designer

  • Assisted with design of user interfaces and creation of software graphics for various Norton consumer products. 

8/97–7/98    Graphic Designer contractor  

  • Designed the user interface and all software graphics for Norton Uninstall Deluxe program.


  • B.A.-Motion Picture Production: Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara.   This degree included still photography with a 4x5 camera and video production.
  • Webb High School in Claremont (college prep). 

SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE                                                                                                         

  • Mac & PC:  Familiar with designing for both platforms.  When OSX came out, went to Apple in Cupertino for a ‘how to design for OSX’ seminar.
  • Photoshop & Illustrator: Graphics for Symantec’s software user interface & website, extensive photo retouching and manipulation, occasional print work.
  • Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Ulead Media Studio Pro: For video projects in high definition.
  • Various HTML programs:  Used for software prototyping, website creation.
  • Powerpoint:  Most people don’t know about the advanced features in this version.  It’s a very powerful prototyping tool.


CLASSES / SEMINARS TAKEN                                                                                                 

  • Attended a 2 day conceptual design process seminar specifically for Symantec.
  • Numerous Drone shows – 5 in 2016 alone.
  • Photoshop World: attended yearly for 7 years.
  • CES Electronics show for 5+ years
  • 2 Day Flash 2004 MX personal training
  • Silicon Studios Training Center LA: Matador Software course, SGI  platform (2D:composite, mask, paint, spline, animate, rotoscope) 
  • Holography Workshop--Museum of Science and Industry (3/90)
  • HDV High Definition seminar (6/04)
  • Belong to various photography groups including NAPP–Nat. Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals, AMA (American Modeling Assoc).


COMPLETE Online Portfolio:  www.eyeofmine.com/portfolio/

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/russelllatimer


Myers-Briggs personality type: ISTJ