SOFTWARE (UI, prototyping)


  This was my first project at Symantec 8 years ago. Creating a user interface and icons for the new uninstall product.
These are some additional graphic files for the uninstall product I created.
This was simply a brainstorming idea with an irregular shaped UI.




This was an exercise to 'think outside the box" for a new product Symantec was developing. 
See next image
It was a clamshell idea.  The user clicks on the shell, and the UI opens.





  A common visual treatment I came up with for the entire Enterprise line of products.

A Flash file I put together (yes, that's my voice) in order to show the worldwide offices how to use Flash to translate future Flash files. Does that make sense?
(requires a flash plugin)

  Animated GIFs (you should see animations live)

  A splash screen concept I came up with.


  Strictly a visual brainstorming idea. My 'chocolate UI'


The graphics department at Symantec

  I have many other software related graphics to show you, but due to NDAs, I can't. :(